Benedictine offers a facility with a wide variety of tools to help it's players perform at the top of their game. The Facility includes:

Outdoor Bengal Cage Area includes:

  • 2 Outdoor Batting Cages

  • 2 Bullpens

  • Open space for tee, band, and fundamental work

Indoor Facility includes:

  • 1 full batting cage

  • Pitching machine

  • Small ball pitching machine

  • 2 portable mounds

  • Turf matting for catching drills

  • Pitch back for fundamental work

  • Multiple Backspin and Tanner tees.

Weight Room includes:

  • Squat racks

  • Free weights

  • Treadmill

  • Pylometrics

Batting Cage

Batting Cage

Indoor Cage and Tees

Indoor Cage and Tees

Turf Football Field

Turf Football Field